IMG_0995My name is David Anderson.  I’m currently an advanced trainee in intensive care medicine and an advanced trainee in palliative medicine in Sydney, Australia. I also have a background in prehospital care, having worked as paramedic during medical school and having been lucky enough to spend some time with Sydney HEMS as a registrar.  I went to medical school and did the first few years of anaesthesia training in New Zealand before moving to Australia.

My interests are eclectic, but over the years I think I’ve gone from being a pure resus junkie (although I do still enjoy the odd crisis) to having an interest in the more esoteric side of critical care.  In particular end-of-life care, communication and ethics.  I’ve also been involved in clinical education for many years, and took some time away from medicine to work as a clinical tutor with the ambulance service in New Zealand.

This blog is just a collection of stories that interest me.  Some are on pure critical care, some are on aspects of palliative medicine that I feel are relevant to critical care and some are just random. I don’t post too frequently as I like to spend a bit of time on posts. And I also like to have a life.  There are too many nice restaurants in Sydney to be blogging all day!

Happy reading.


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